Adamian Green - Private Sector Inward Investment

Project Description

 Local Authorities
2-Local Govt. & Housing Assoc., 4-Regeneration & Development

Established professional practice to encourage private sector inward investment and economic development in Wales.

Created innovative collaborative inward investment models. Sourced up to £500 million of private sector European inward investment funding.

Created local business, land and property inward investment opportunities by acquiring land and property options for a portfolio of over 200 potential investment and development sites.

Advised private-sector land, property owner business diversification and development options from £5,000 to £14 million. Sourced private sector inward investment funder, investor and developer partners, placing some £20 million of commercial agreements for land, property and energy investment and development.

Procured and managed professional services, EPC development partners and supply chain collaborative partnering models.

Provided independent professional development management advice for property and renewable energy spanning: feasibility, investment, funding, outline design, planning, detailed design, contractor procurement, commercial, programme, project, development and construction management, post-contract, maintenance and facilities management.

Secured existing businesses and businesses diversification, encouraging succession planning, securing local employment and creating jobs.

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